9 Things You Should Know About Smart Home Solar

February 1, 2023

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Smart home solar systems are an excellent investment for any property, especially for environmentally conscious property owners. However, some property owners might wonder, what is a smart solar system? Also, is it worth the investment for a home that doesn’t use much power year-round?

To ensure you make the right decision for your property, check out some details about smart home solar arrays. Then, you can more easily discuss your property’s power needs with a solar installation contractor near you!

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What You Need to Know About a Smart Home Solar

If you’re curious about a smart solar array for your home, keep reading! These 9 quick facts can help you decide if a smart system is right for your residence.

  1. Smart solar panels and systems offer real-time power usage displays. In turn, you can determine when your home uses the most energy and if it’s time to adjust your power usage!
  2. Some home solar systems monitor each panel individually. You can then note if one needs clearing, better angling, etc.
  3. A smart home solar system allows you to track solar power production seasonally. You can then better prepare for your power needs year-round.
  4. Using a smart solar energy system allows you to track energy consumption versus solar production. A homeowner might then adjust when they use certain appliances or electronics. Doing so means using less energy from your utility company and lower electric bills.
  5. Modern smart home systems allow you to operate appliances and electronics remotely. You can then shut off appliances when panels are not producing adequate power.
  6. Some solar power systems allow you to switch to a solar battery power on demand. Using stored power means less grid-supplied power and lower energy costs.
  7. Smart home solar systems can connect to thermostats, allowing you to adjust them remotely.
  8. If you invest in solar batteries, some smart systems might monitor their charge. In turn, you can switch back to grid-supplied power to save some stored power.
  9. Smart home solar systems are probably more affordable than many homeowners realize!

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What Is a Smart Solar System?

Every manufacturer includes different components in their smart solar systems and packages. However, most systems monitor the energy produced by solar panels and run through an inverter. They might also monitor solar batteries if connected to that system.

A smart solar energy system might also connect to a home’s thermostat and electronics. These systems then monitor all these components and allow you to control them remotely. Many such systems also offer various reports about energy usage and allow you to improve energy efficiency.

A Smart Solar Inverter for Solar Power

Solar panels capture energy from the sun, called DC current. However, household appliances run on AC power. In turn, your solar panel system includes an inverter. That inverter converts solar power to usable energy.

In many homes, that energy then travels through your home’s wiring and back to your local utility provider. You’re then credited for the power produced, resulting in lower energy costs. At the same time, your home remains connected to the grid rather than to the panels themselves.

Smart Solar Battery

A solar battery, as with household batteries, stores that converted energy. These batteries usually wire into a home’s electrical system or circuit panel. Most allow you to switch to that energy manually when needed.

Smart solar inverters and batteries connect to your smart home solar system. That system monitors their function, a battery’s level, and other vital information. Many systems also allow you to switch to a solar battery manually in case of a power outage.


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Is a Smart Home Solar System a Good Investment?

First, note that a solar array means lower energy costs and improved property values. Second, a smart system offers more control over that system along with monitoring and reporting. You have more control over your home’s energy usage with internet connected devices.

Also, added reporting ensures you get the most out of your solar array. You can switch from grid-supplied power to a solar battery bank, as said. Additionally, you might adjust your schedule for using certain appliances, such as a washer and dryer. Going solar is worth it!

Smart Home Technology Can Mean Increased Energy Efficiency

Better information about your home’s solar production can also help you decide on needed upgrades. For instance, your smart system might alert you to lower solar power production over the years. You might invest in more panels or energy-efficient appliances. These changes ensure you benefit most from that solar power investment and produce more renewable energy.

Trust Our Team for Installing Your New Smart Solar Panels

Go Solar New Jersey is happy to provide this information about a smart solar power system. If you’re ready for clean, green power for your home, call our New Jersey solar installation contractors. We’ll schedule a FREE consultation and solar price quote. Additionally, we’re happy to answer all your questions about solar for your property. To learn more about starting your smart home hub, call us today!


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