Activating Your Solar Power System in NJ

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Activating Your Solar Power System New Jersey - Easy as 1,2,3!

You've just had a solar power system New Jersey installed, so what are the next steps? Activation! Don't worry; our team of skilled and competent solar specialists will help you get your system online and running. It's all a very simple process that we can do for you, or you can do it yourself following a few simple prompts.

Our company has been working in the solar sector since 2020. However, that's not where our training began. Each solar servicer on staff has years of dedication and on-the-job training in solar system design, installation, and activation. So you can depend on us for a job well done 100% of the time.

From the first FREE consultation to putting the finishing touches on your system, our staff is with you every step of the way, guaranteed. Are you ready to start using your newly installed solar energy unit? Great! We're here to help you get going!

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We Make Activating Your Solar System a Breeze!

Are you excited to start using your household solar system in New Jersey? We can understand why! You're about to lower your carbon footprint, decrease energy bills, and make a brighter future for your children and grandchildren by using sustainable power. Let's chat about how to activate your system:

  • Have you been granted permission to operate your solar system from your local energy company or PTO? Once this permission has been granted, we can proceed with the activation. Don't worry, Go Solar NJ helps you get permission through the proper documents we draw up on your behalf.
  • Please take a moment to read through all literature that we have left you for system activation. You can also find helpful posts on our blog and informative videos.
  • Now is the time to turn your system on. It's a straightforward process that takes little effort. In most cases, our solar specialists will already activate your system directly after installation. They'll also spend some time showing you how to use it.
  • Once your system is turned on, you can register your account with us. By doing so, our company can monitor your system 24/7 for any outages or issues that require attention.

If you find anything about the activation process challenging or confusing, please don't hesitate to call or email our team. We're always standing by to assist you with your home solar array.

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Solar Power Systems in New Jersey Require Activation - Have You Turned Yours On Yet?

Whether you have a commercial, agricultural, or home solar array in New Jersey, you'll want to activate it as soon as possible. You've just spent a great deal of time and investment in your brand-new off-grid solar setup. So why wait any longer than you have to start using it?

Of course, there are a few requirements that need to be met before activations can occur, such as permission from your local energy company, but that should not take long. In fact, we apply for approval during the design and installation phase so that you have it once your system is complete. It's truly an exciting experience to start using renewable energy and taking your personal environment one step closer to a greener, cleaner lifestyle.

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New Jersey's Most Sought-After Solar Power System Installer

As a growing company, Go Solar New Jersey is constantly innovating and looking for ways to transition from traditional energy to solar smoother. We care deeply about our customers and how they power their homes, businesses, and farms.

Our company is dedicated to connecting each client with money-saving solar incentives and tax rebate programs. With solar, you'll not only save money, but you can MAKE money too! Please ask us about net metering and how it works. But first, we need to get your system built, installed, and activated before the perks start rolling in. We hope to be your solar server when you're ready!



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"The installers were professional and answered all my questions. My solar panel system is running flawlessly and I'm saving A LOT of money!"
- Glen H.

Solar Services in New Jersey for All!

Go Solar NJ is an all-in-one company that provides top-quality services for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. We'll put you in touch with the perfect solar program, calculate your future savings, and design & install your system. It's that simple!

Find a Solar Program

Calculate Savings

Design & Build

Tax Credits & Rebates

Save Money, Save the Planet With Solar Power.

Go Solar New Jersey is a licensed & trained solar power specialist that offers various solar-related services and programs for residential and commercial customers. Got questions? Call us at (732) 889-7872
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