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What Exactly is Solar Energy NJ?

In brief terms, solar energy NJ is the radiant light and heat from the sun that is harnessed using a range of technologies, such as solar panels to generate electricity, solar thermal energy, and solar architecture. Panels can be placed on rooftops, ground mounts, or stand-alone apparatuses. Almost any residential, commercial, and industrial property has the potential to go solar.

The key to solar success is having a knowledgeable, experienced crew of designers and installers on your side. Go Solar New Jersey offers just that and much more. We stand by our customers every step of the way. It's no easy feat to switch from grid energy to solar power.

You may have apprehensions, questions, and concerns mixed with excitement. We get that and have been there ourselves. The good news is solar energy is a wise investment that secures the futures of generations to come. We encourage you to continue exploring our website for more details.

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Is Solar Energy Renewable?

Yes, solar energy is a renewable power source. That means it can be used over and over again without running out. The sun is a large ball of hot plasma that produces energy through nuclear fusion. This energy is released through light and heat, which solar energy technologies can source.

Do you know solar energy is one of the cleanest and most abundant energy sources available? It does not produce greenhouse gases or other pollutants, and it is a sustainable source of energy that can be used for the rest of time. Taking power from the sun is different than using fossil fuels because it does not have to be replaced.

For example, whenever we cut down a tree to be used as an energy source, another tree must be planted to prevent depletion. The problem? It takes years for one single tree to reach maturity. We highly recommend solar power when you're looking for a sustainable energy option.

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How is Solar Energy in NJ Collected?

Photovoltaics (PV) and concentrated solar-thermal power (CSP) are two main ways to collect solar energy.

Photovoltaics converts sunlight directly into electricity. This is done using semiconductor materials, such as silicon, that can generate an electric current when exposed to sunlight. PV cells are made up of these semiconductor materials arranged in modules that can generate electricity for homes, businesses, and other applications.

Concentrated solar-thermal power (CSP) uses mirrors or lenses to focus sunlight onto a receiver. The concentrated sunlight heats fluid in the receiver, which drives a turbine to generate electricity. CSP systems can be used to generate electricity on a large scale, and they can also be used to provide heat for industrial processes or to generate steam for district heating systems.

Solar energy can also be collected passively. This is done by designing buildings and other structures to maximize the sun's energy. For example, passive solar homes are designed to collect and store solar heat, which can then be used to heat the house during the winter.

The amount of solar energy that can be collected depends on several factors, including the amount of sunlight available, the efficiency of the solar energy collection system, and the location of the system. Solar energy systems are generally most efficient in areas with high levels of sunlight.

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Our NJ Solar Energy Team Can Help You

You're curious about solar panel energy in New Jersey, or you wouldn't have come to visit our website. We're glad you're here! Our company has been going strong since 2020. Now, we know that doesn't seem like a long time. However, each solar guru on our staff has been working independently or for other reputable companies before coming to ours.

You can count on us to have the skills necessary to make your solar installation project successful. It all begins with a zero-cost consultation. We'll sit down with you (there's no commitment) and answer your questions. Our representatives will show you how much you'll save by going solar and what the incentives and tax rebates mean.

Next, we'll determine what type of solar panels work best for your property. There are many differences between residential, commercial, and agricultural solar systems. When you're ready, we'll put you on the schedule and get ready to design and install your panels. We hope you'll reach out to us soon to get started!



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Go Solar New Jersey is committed to helping its customers find suitable solar programs, calculate their savings, and design and install the perfect system for each property. Do you know that the state and federal governments have tax credit programs for solar users? We'll help you find all the incentive programs you qualify for.

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