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NJ Solar Incentives are the Best in the Country

Even though New Jersey is one of the smallest states in the union, it is also a solar power energy leader bringing in 1 gigawatt of nation-wide solar capacity. NJ solar incentives are plentiful in The Garden State, which is all the more reason why you should work towards installing your solar energy system now. From tax incentives to federal solar incentives, our team of technicians has a solid grasp on all programs available to home and business owners making the swap to solar energy. Let's dive in a bit deeper, shall we? Please continue reading for more information or call our Go Solar New Jersey office directly.

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money saving new jersey solar incentives

Save Money On Your Installation With New Jersey Solar Incentive Programs

Everyone loves to save money. With NJ solar incentives, you get to save money and the planet, so it's double the pleasure. There are programs suitable for both homeowners and commercial property owners alike. Check out some of the state and federal incentives:

  • New Jersey Net Metering
  • Transition Renewable Energy Certificates (TRECs)
  • Solar Sales Tax Exemption
  • Property Tax Exemption
  • Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC)
  • And more!

Are you excited to learn about all the ways having Go Solar New Jersey install your sun-powered system can save you money? Call us now so we can talk!

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Some NJ Solar Incentives are Expiring - Act Fast!

Federal tax credits are available in the  New Jersey solar incentive program, but this particular credit isn't hanging around for long. If you're a homeowner who has installed a brand new solar panel system, you are eligible for a 26% federal tax credit as a solar incentive on the total price of your system without any size limits.

However, this 26% credit is dropping down to 22%. This is still an excellent tax credit, but why wait on your solar panel installation when there is a 26% rebate up for grabs? Now, here's the bad news. Eventually, this particular tax credit is said to be phased out.

Contact Go Solar New Jersey to schedule your solar installation now while you still have time to take advantage of this lucrative tax break.

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new jersey solar incentives

Go Solar New Jersey Wants to Help You Get Every Incentive Available

As you can see, there are plenty of New Jersey rebates, tax incentives, and cost recovery programs when you install a solar power system. We know it sounds a bit daunting. You may be wondering how do you get these incentives? Who files the paperwork and permits? The answer is...we do!

When it comes to New Jersey solar panel subsidy, federal tax credits, and everything in between, you can count on our team to make it happen. If there's a solar power incentive available in your area, we guarantee we'll get it for you if you're eligible.

Remember, some of these programs are time-sensitive, so let's get this ball rolling and set up your FREE consultation today!



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Other New Jersey Solar Incentive Resources & Our Services

As you poke around our website you'll be exposed to a lot of solar resources  about Go Solar New Jersey and what our company has to offer. Our top priority is getting you fitted with the solar panel system that meet your needs. It starts with a FREE consultation and the rest is history. You count on us to get you every single New Jersey solar incentive that we can, guaranteed. Call us now or send an email to our friendly staff. We look forward to speaking with you.

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