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As the years go by, the need for sustainable energy resources increase. Fossil fuels and nuclear power take so much from the planet and are hard to replace. So what's the solution? Soler power! We offer top-notch residential solar panels NJ. Our contractors are trained in solar panel design, installation, and maintenance.

Once we start the solar process with you, our team will be dedicated to your project for a lifetime. One of the best things any homeowner can do is to switch to solar energy. It's a step into a brighter, greener future for the next generation. As a professional, established business, we've been operating since 2020. However, our experience runs much further.

Each contractor on the team has worked for reputable solar power agencies through the decades. As a result, our customers can count on us for quick, affordable services that will have them using less grid power and more sun-generated energy. Are you ready for a FREE consultation? Please don't hesitate to give us a call today!

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Why Should You Go Solar?

Solar panels for home use in NJ are among the wisest investments any residential property owner can make. You'll see many benefits of ditching traditional energy sources for solar, like lower utility costs and being part of a movement that values renewable energy. There are so many upsides to going solar!

  • Solar is Affordable - It used to be that solar panels were astronomically expensive to design and install, but that's not the case anymore. According to the federal government website, "Taxpayers can claim a 30% tax credit on the cost of solar systems on their income taxes. But be sure to install before January 1, 2033, when the tax credit is set to decrease to 26%." The tax credit makes panels even more affordable to install!
  • Save Money on Utilities - Going solar can help you significantly cut down on your electric bill because you won't be drawing as much energy from the collective grid. How exciting is that?!
  • Your Lights Stay On - We've all lived through power outages, which are never fun! However, when the lights go down on the grid, yours will stay on because your solar panels utilize the energy they've accrued.
  • Increase Home Value - Do you know that installing a solar system will exponentially increase your home's value? That will come in handy when you decide to sell your property.
  • Solar is Always Available - It doesn't matter the climate or location. Your solar panels will always generate energy from the sun, even on cloudy days!

As you can see, it pays to go solar! Do you have questions or concerns about solar panels for your home? Our blog addresses many of your most pressing questions.

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Tired of Dealing with High Energy Costs in NJ? Install Home Solar Panels!

It's a fact that electricity costs and fuel oil costs continue to rise. It's a sad reality that the price for heating and powering the average home is on par with a mortgage payment for some families. However, there is a way to offset this issue, and it's by installing a solar roof.

The way it all works is one of our seasoned contractors will meet with you and go over your options. We'll assess your roof, home size, and location to determine which type of solar panels best fit. Then, we'll review the incredible solar programs available for residential New Jersey residents.

Do you know that some qualifying homeowners can get their solar systems completely paid off? How exciting! There are numerous state, local, and federal tax rebate programs and incentives to switch to solar. The caveat? You must act quickly before the programs come to an end or run out of funding.

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Our Team Will Get You Started!

Is it time you took your home in a greener direction and said "see ys" to the grid? If so, we want to help you! Do you know a program called Net Metering that allows you to sell your excess solar energy to the local electric company? Imagine getting a check from the electric company instead of the other way around!

Going solar in New Jersey means so much more than simply using solar energy. It means energy freedom! Our top priority is fitting you with the best solar panel setup for your home. We offer roof, ground, and standalone mounts depending on your property size and location. One thing is certain; you'll be a very happy solar user when it's all said and done, guaranteed.



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Go Solar New Jersey Offers Incredible Services

Our company is dedicated to helping residential, commercial, and agricultural property owners make the swap to the best solar programs in the country. We'll help you calculate your savings, design and build your system, and give you the skinny on all the tax credits and rebates you're eligible for. We hope you'll choose us for all of your solar panel installation needs.

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Save Money, Save the Planet With Solar Power.

Go Solar New Jersey is a licensed & trained solar power specialist that offers various solar-related services and programs for residential and commercial customers. Got questions? Call us at (732) 889-7872
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